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Swine farms: Productivity, reclaimed water and biogas energy

Pancopia’s nitrogen management system reclaims swine farm wastewater and puts it to work for the good of pigs, producers, people and the planet. Pigs thrive due to better air quality in barns. Swine farms are more productive and create more jobs. Treated water irrigates more crops. Local air and groundwater are cleaner. And biogas capture to generate green energy is more efficient. Our innovative Panoxic™ technology does all this economically in a giant step for sustainable agriculture.

Our nitrogen management system optimizes the swine lagoon

Swine lagoons, the large pig waste storage areas on swine farms, are good at capturing carbon, but not as good at removing nitrogen. Our Panoxic technology transforms this nitrogen so that the lagoon can work to maximium efficiency. Wastewater is upgraded as irrigation water. Capture of energy-producing biogas (as carbon) is more efficient. Less nitrogen is released into the environment. We essentially optimize the lagoon’s digestive system.

The economical “missing piece” of the swine farm system

Ours is the first solution that makes economic sense for improving swine farm waste management. We integrate our revolutionary innovation with the existing infrastructure to enhance its functionality and value. Our Panoxic scientific breakthrough is the missing piece that optimizes the whole system. It’s a new way to manage nitrogen, carbon and water cycles without chemicals and without capital-intensive new treatment plants. Instead of a burden, nitrogen becomes a benefit.

Fish farms need love too: Our aquaculture solution

Farms that raise marine life for food have a major waste management problem to be solved by another Pancopia innovation. We are researching an application of our water purification technology to break apart waste products which otherwise can live forever in waterways after disposal and in fish tanks themselves. Our purified water will be better for the health of sensitive fish and the people who eat them.

Our lineage: From astronauts to agriculture and aquaculture

Pancopia got our start in outer space. We were selected by NASA to develop a biological purification system to recycle wastewater into drinking water for astronauts. Our NASA-inspired technology, which treats water in a “closed system,” has been brought down to earth. The first application of our recycling solution has been proven highly effective for hog farms.


Reclaiming water resources

Pancopia’s nitrogen management and advanced oxidation technologies continue to evolve, with the goal of producing potable recycled water for both animals and humans. We are developing solutions for other animal husbandry operations such as dairy farms. With the environmental threat of world drought, all water needs to be recycled. Our solution can be implemented by farmers profitably to drive environmental change in this critical sector.

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