Our Name and Logo

Pancopia is a hybrid name, with roots coming from the Greek word ‘pan’ and the Latin word ‘copia’.

The two elements of our company’s name, ‘pan’ and ‘copia’, each have their own meanings, as seen below. When put together these elements create our name ‘Pancopia’, representing our belief that our world has abundant resources to meet our physical needs with proper stewardship of our environment, and wise use of resources including water and energy.


‘Pan’ is a common Greek prefix which means ‘including or relating to all the places or people in a particular group’. For example, Pangea is a term used to refer to all the land, ‘gea’, when the land was all-together as one continent.


‘Copia’ is the Latin word meaning ‘abundance or supply’. For example, Cornucopia combines ‘cornu’ (Latin for ‘horn’) with ‘copia’ and means ‘Horn of Plenty’ or ‘Horn of Abundance’.

Corporate Headquarters, 1100 Exploration Way, Hampton, VA 23666 | (757) 325-6803

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