Pancopia as a company focuses mainly on Research and Development. Most of our research centers on environmental and energy engineering, with a current emphasis on wastewater treatment. Our hard-working team is committed to creating new and innovative ways to lower the negative effects of energy use, become more energy efficient and even energy positive, lower pollution levels, and more. To learn about our current R&D projects, (along with our consulting contracts), please visit our Projects page.

Current Research

Although Pancopia has many areas of interest, our current focus is on the development of a more effective and reliable wastewater treatment solution for the International Space Station. Our NASA contract is for the development of a biological system that effectively removes organic carbon and nitrogen, and permits recycling into drinking water. The new process technology that is developed by this research will have significant applicability to municipal and industrial treatment systems on Earth.

Research Funding

In order to do our research and create new and innovative systems, we have to have the money to do so. Although most of our funding is revenue from our contracts, we have also received research grants from outside sources.

  • Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) Matching Grant. The CIT is a technological business initiative program run by the Commonwealth of Virginia. The grant was given to supplement our research in biological wastewater treatment systems that significantly decrease nutrient runoff pollution. Pancopia received one of only 48 awards given.
  • NASA Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR). The SBIR program at NASA is designed to fulfill NASA needs through small businesses, forming a partnership that benefits both parties. Pancopia received this contract to help NASA develop an effective, reliable wastewater treatment system to be used in space exploration.