Our Mission & Values

Pancopia’s mission is the development of energy and environmental engineering solutions that are ecologically sound, energy efficient, financially viable, and sustainable. As a research and product development company, Pancopia creates and develops innovative, sustainable solutions for private companies, public works, and government agencies. We firmly believe that helping people and helping the environment are synergistic, not mutually exclusive.

Honor God.

Honor People.

Honor Our Environment.

Goals for the Future

Although our efforts are currently focused on helping the Chesapeake Bay, we hope to expand our horizons to other watersheds around the United States. In the future, we plan to have a strong presence in developing countries around the world, aiding in environmental cleanup and improving existing infrastructure.


Environmental stewardship is about responsible use and protection of our natural environment through conservation and sustainable development. Pancopia believes that we need to conserve and protect our natural environment, while still providing the services required by our society. By providing solutions to environmental problems that help reduce pollution and energy use, we can better the environment around us.

Corporate Headquarters, 1100 Exploration Way, Hampton, VA 23666 | (757) 325-6803

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