A water and nitrogen management system that fits into your current operation

When pigs breathe easier, they grow better

Our FreshFlush system enhances respiratory health by improving the air quality in your barns. Your hogs breathe cleaner air, resulting in better pulmonary function and higher resistance to respiratory disease. Which in turn translates into greater weight gain with less feed, and reduced mortality.

Sound simple? It is. Our economical patented technology treats your flush water, boosting barn air quality and with it your herd’s productivity, plus an added bonus: improved biogas generation for green energy.

We make nitrogen work for you not against you

We improve air quality by intercepting ammonia in flush water before it enters the barns, and convert it to a beneficial form of nitrogen that our system effectively manages. This creates clean water, clean air and a better balanced feedstock for biogas.

Increase the quantity and quality of biogas production, to either power your own generators, or to sell. Turn waste and excess nitrogen into renewable energy. Our closed-loop recycling process improves water quality not only in swine barns, but in lagoons and for crop irrigation.

Where sustainability meets profitability

FreshFlush is a sustainable waste technology that will make farms a profit instead of taking it away. Operationally, it’s basically plug and play – more like a maintenance upgrade – with no costly changes to your farm infrastructure. It doesn’t rely on subsidies to be profitable; you’ll see bottom line improvements fast.

Our solution checks all the boxes as to big picture goals for the pork industry: Animal well-being and biosecurity, food safety, reduced carbon footprint, and impact on both the community and the environment. The FreshFlush system makes sustainability both simple and profitable.

Low cost

Economical: little to no capital investment

Easy fit

Integrates easily into existing infrastructure. Small footprint

Great support

Our expert teams have your back

Space travel and swine productivity: a match made in heaven

Pancopia got our start managing nitrogen in outer space. NASA selected us to develop a biological purification system to help recycle wastewater into drinking water for astronauts.

Our Panoxic technology, which treats water in a “closed loop” system, has been brought down to earth as the FreshFlush system for swine farms, thanks to support from NASA, the DOE (Department of Energy), and the USDA.

Scientific studies demonstrate that improved barn air quality increases productivity

Data from on-farm studies prove a direct linkage between ammonia reduction in flushing water and swine growth, health and productivity.

USDA conducted a three-year study and determined that the effects of removing most ammonia from flush water had the following effects:


Animal trials of Pancopia’s FreshFlush Water and Nitrogen Management System at Virginia Tech indicate similar improvement in swine weight gain and feed conversion.


See study data


The FreshFlush solution results in better water quality, healthier pigs, and a healthier bottom line. Improve margins three ways: swine productivity, biogas production for on-farm use or sale, and quality irrigation water for higher value cash crops.

We help producers make more in the good years, and keep more in the bad years. FreshFlush adds financial insulation against risk in a cyclic industry.

An economical improvement to your current operation

You could call FreshFlush “Water-as-a-service.” Pancopia hooks our FreshFlush unit up to your existing electrical and piping and takes it from there, getting you up and running without disruption – no expensive equipment to purchase, no costly chemicals or additives, and no additional hires required.

We take care of operation and maintenance and make sure your system is successful, so you can focus on what you do best: growing hogs.

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