Consulting Services

Pancopia offers plant consulting in three different areas: water purification, energy optimization, and resource management. Water Purification is the recovery of polluted water for beneficial reuse while maintaining high environmental standards. Energy Optimization entails production of energy, creation of new ways to increase efficiency, reduction of energy expenses, and minimization of the negative side-effects of energy use. Resource Management is the recovery of byproducts, including nutrients and other valuable components.

Energy Optimization

Lake Aeration

The Norfolk Lake Aeration project best embodies the energy optimization services that Pancopia offers. While working with CH2M in the 1990’s, Pancopia founder Bill Cumbie managed a series of lake restoration projects which significantly improved the water quality of the lakes, and allowed the City of Norfolk to continue producing exceptional drinking water. The City of Norfolk’s investment of $4.5 million to install the lake aeration system improved water quality and permitted the City to avoid installation of a $60 million ozone/carbon facility. The project has operated successfully for more than twenty years, and Pancopia is currently partnering with CH2M to evaluate the aeration system in order to further optimize operation and maintenance. Advances in aerator and compressor technology have the potential to decrease energy costs by one-quarter to one-third, while continuing to improve the quality of the lakes and Norfolk’s drinking water. ​

Ports Residuals

Resource Management

Portsmouth Residuals

Pancopia has worked with the City of Portsmouth since the company’s inception, with a relationship originating much further back in time. Two of the staff, Bill Cumbie and Eva Tillet, have worked with Portsmouth for more than twenty-five years. Eva is a former plant manager of Portsmouth’s Lake Kilby Water Treatment Plant. Bill, when he was with CH2M, worked on a number of projects at the plant, in the distribution system, and residuals management. Bill developed the residuals management plan that is currently in use, and he and Eva have supervised removal of residuals from the storage lagoon since the project began in 2003. Water plant residuals are currently removed from the lagoon on an annual basis and are dewatered and applied to farmland. Pancopia teams with CH2M to supervise this project each year.

Water Purification


Pancopia has consulting experience in water purification, most recently through the Clarifiers project for the City of Portsmouth. This project entailed a condition assessment of the Superpulsators in Lake Kilby Water Treatment Plant and preparation of a report of findings to facilitate repair and refurbishment as necessary. Pancopia also was contracted to inspect the vacuum system and make recommendations for improvements, as well as perform a limited inspection of the PAC and polymer facilities with the goal of identifying major problems that could affect the performance of the Superpulsators. This work ensured that the clarifiers remained in top condition, and continued to produce high quality water.

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