Pancopia Featured as NASA SBIR Success Story
Pancopia VA 2-22-2018 by Annette Holloway Photography

Pancopia Featured as NASA SBIR Success Story

On June 12, Pancopia was featured in a story NASA recently published on Pancopia’s water recycling technology, and its future uses within NASA. The article, available both on NASA’s SBIR homepage and within the Success Stories tab of the website, covers the research Pancopia has been conducting for NASA throughout the past 3 years.

The article, which was published by NASA’s SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) department, highlights success stories of companies that are moving successfully through the research and development stages, towards product availability and commercialization. Pancopia was chosen as its most recent highlight, focusing on the recent developments the company has made both towards making more effective water recycling in space a reality, as well as its steps towards transferring its technology to other earth-bound applications.

NASA’s article focuses first on the Ph. I, II, II-X, and III projects Pancopia has worked on since 2015, geared towards creating the next-generation nitrogen removal system for recycling water on the International Space Station. After explaining the basics of the technology, the article goes on to highlight additional research completed through this project, such as freeze-drying organisms for easy travel and storage in space. Beyond this, the article mentions several non-NASA applications for Pancopia’s nitrogen removal system, including its potential for providing a cost-effective alternative for the municipal wastewater treatment market.

Pancopia is honored to be featured for this Success Story article, and is excited to continue working closely with NASA in the future, providing a reliable nitrogen removal system for future manned space missions.

The article is available on the NASA SBIR homepage, as well as available as a PDF for download here.

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