Portsmouth Residuals Project Completed

Pancopia is happy to announce that it has recently completed its annual contract with the City of Portsmouth. This contract involved removing and dewatering residuals from the Lake Kilby lagoon. The residuals were then prepared for their future use as a fertilizer on farmland. Pancopia’s staff, teamed with CH2M, has overseen this process each year since the project’s inception in 2003. Pancopia has a strong relationship with the City of Portsmouth, as members of our staff have worked for the city for over 25 years on various projects, including the development the residuals management plan that is currently in use.

The work for this contract was started in August of 2017 and completed in early December, ahead of schedule. Pancopia is pleased with the quality of the work completed, and looks forward to continuing the relationship with the City of Portsmouth, as well as working this project again in future years.