Tomorrow’s Tech Podcast Features Pancopia

Tomorrow’s Tech Podcast Features Pancopia

Pancopia’s CTO, Bill Cumbie was recently featured in a guest spot on Tomorrow’s Tech Podcast.

During the podcast, the two discussed Pancopia’s NASA research, the origins of the science behind it in Anammox bacteria, and its future applications here on Earth. Topics covered also included some of the company’s upcoming projects, technological advancements in the wastewater treatment industry, and the importance of biological solutions in space.

To listen to the full podcast, please click here.

Tomorrow’s Tech Podcast is a relatively new Podcast station that “interview(s) exponential leaders, learn(s) about future trends in technology and tell(s) (listeners) how to get involved in creating the future”. The host, Gina Lynch runs the podcast out of Virginia Beach, VA, and interviews a wide range of technological professionals on the cutting-edge of their fields.

To see other podcasts from Tomorrow’s Tech, visit their soundcloud here.

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